Flexible Working is one of the biggest motivations when people are looking for a new role, but does your business stand out as a have from the have nots? If your business supports flexible working but only a handful of people know about it, then there’s opportunity for you to boost your employer brand.

Ensure your business is easily identifiable as being a Flexible Workplace. This makes it easy for today’s workforce to know where to go when they’re looking for a company that values work life balance as much as they do.

Here are some steps you can take to improve your employer brand.

    1. Promote it

If you have a Flexible Working Policy then make it newsworthy. Write a media release about it and distribute it to your media contacts. This gets the word out to the public and what’s more, you can leverage the publicity by sharing the media coverage on your social media channels. Search Laboratory recently did this with their Flexible Working Policy. They’re a company in the UK and now you (sitting on the other side of the world) know that they support flexible working so it’s fair to say they got their message out!

2. Publish it

Your website is a key channel for talking to people looking to know more about what your business does, and what your business stands for. Whether it be your ‘Careers’ page or your ‘About Us’ page make sure you update it to reflect your Flexible Working Policy. Candidates are increasingly treating a job search like online shopping. If you don’t promote your support for flexible working, it puts you at a disadvantage when it comes to attracting the best talent.

 3. Advertise it

When you are advertising job vacancies, make flexible working clearly available as an option so that you widen your talent pool. People who are already working flexibly will more likely apply for positions where they won’t lose the most valued part of their contract. This is an important consideration given more than half (51 per cent) of employees in New Zealand have flexible work hours, allowing them to start and finish work at different times each day. Employers who ignore this demand will be poorly prepared in the war for talent.

 4. Label it

When it comes to buying eggs the label makes it easy, they’re either Free Range or Caged. The decision for the shopper is made easy at first glance. Most of us support the chickens who live a Free Range lifestyle because the alternative just seems cruel. The same concept applies to your business. If you have a company culture that supports flexible working, put a label on it. The Freerange Works Authenticity Stamp makes this easy. Displaying the ‘We’re a Free Range Workplace’ stamp on your website and promotional material makes your business instantly recognisable as a genuine Flexible Workplace and makes you stand out for all the right reasons.

A good company culture is the foundation of a strong employer brand. Don’t sell yourself short. Take the next step and get your message out there to the people who you would like to be part of your team. When it comes to what you stand for, promote it, publish it, advertise it and label it to attract like-minded people.

If you need advice or support to introduce flexible working into your business then give the team at Freerange Works a call on 0800 04 FLEX or email