If you need to outsource HR then leave it to us. Whether you need ongoing monthly HR support or help with a one-off HR project we’re here to help and make sure your business is compliant. No job is too big or too small.



  • Ensure your people are on the most up-to-date employment agreements
  • Update Position Descriptions so they’re current – and everyone has one
  • We make sure your policies are up to date, practical and fit for purpose
  • Align Flexible Working to your business strategy and develop related policies, considering how to achieve a ‘win’ for the customer, the individual, the team and the business
  • Support with restructures and redundancies


We provide outsourced People and Culture support and direction at a senior leadership level to develop the roadmap to creating the company culture you want. We take a holistic approach to any change initiatives, whether this is becoming a fully flexible workforce, or whether flexibility forms part of a broader vision. We consult with your people and guide change communication.

Once we determine your managers and employees’ perceptions, expectations and key drivers, we can design the best approach to implementing flexible working based on the needs of the business as a whole. Team involvement is key to the success of any culture change.



  • Employee Experience Surveys and Check-Ins, with full report of analysis and findings
  • Support the transition to a new way of working
  • Implement new flexible work initiatives
  • Vision and Values initiatives
  • Develop strategy and recommendations based on business objectives and goals
  • Develop communication needed to support the change
  • Provide recommendations on communication tools


We provide outourced HR support to help you with performance management. We set you up with the tools, training, and technology to embed a Performance Development system. One where your leaders set clear expectations with their people, practice collaborative goal-setting and provide live feedback so that you can be sure of your people’s performance no matter when and where the work gets done.


  • Develop meaningful, individualised Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for every person in your business
  • Establish and streamline performance management processes to make it easy for people leaders to have regular goal-oriented performance and development conversations with their team members
  • Support with the implementation of a performance appraisal / check-in tool


So many people managers have progressed through their area of expertise, only to find themselves in a position where they’re responsible for leading and inspiring others with no formal management or leadership training! It is no wonder then, that the majority of leaders we come across are apprehensive about managing flexible workers. We provide leadership development by working with your leaders either one on one or in a group / workshop setting to support their transformation from managers to coaches, primed to get the best out of their people and to manage flexibility with confidence.


  • One-on-one leadership coaching / training
  • Group training workshops with leaders
  • Executive Team support

Or if it’s a more ongoing, holistic approach your leadership team is ready for, we are approved facilitators of The Breakthrough Company’s Active Management Program – which has been described as a “down to earth course” that provides an excellent framework for direct coaching conversations and learning to take place, providing targeted training to business owners and their teams in SME businesses.



We offer a range of psychometric, ability and skills assessments to support a variety of People & Culture activities. These can be used to provide additional, important context to your recruitment and selection processes. They can also be used as a valuable tool for coaching and team development activities whether it be 1:1 coaching or group exercises.



Implementing Flexible Working in your business can be a daunting task, especially on top of your day job. We’re here to support you successfully transition to a Flexible Workplace that thrives.



  • Formalise Flexible Working as a way of working
  • Provide you with a Flexible Working Toolkit customised to your business
  • Develop your Flexible Working Strategy and Flexible Working Policy
  • Empower your leaders to ensure they’re involved and aligned
  • Lead the shift from ‘management by seeing’ to ‘managing by results’


It’s culture fit that counts. We make a point of understanding your company culture to get a clear idea of your parameters around flexibility for each role. This means we can reach people who sit outside the boxes of ‘full time’ or ‘part time’ to get the best person for the job. All the while, helping you build your employer brand.

We use a combination approach for recruitment, tapping into our database and networks, and using the latest in ‘search’ techniques, to target talent you otherwise wouldn’t reach, across a broad range of roles and industries.

We also carry out Reference Checks and Ability and Psychometric Testing, so you can be confident in your decision to hire.


Future proof your employer brand and let people know you’re a Flexible Workplace.

With a Free Range Authenticity Stamp, your organisation is instantly recognisable as a genuine Flexible Workplace and stands out for all the right reasons!

Our certification process will assess the way you flex as a business, and if you meet the criteria of a genuine flexible workplace, you’ll be awarded the Free Range Authenticity Stamp to display proudly alongside your brand.  We’ll check in annually to keep it current.

How To Get Started

To request an assessment, simply Contact Us. We’ll assess the way you flex as a business across these areas:

  • Compliance with the Employment Relations Amendment Act (2014)
  • Policies
  • Integration across the employee lifecycle
  • Measuring and managing performance
  • Communication and collaboration
  • Consistency of uptake business-wide
  • Individualised Flexible Working Arrangements

You’ll receive a report of our findings and recommendations based on your organisation’s assessment.  If you need to make a few adjustments to meet the criteria, we can provide support where it’s needed.

If you met the criteria to be certified as a genuine Flexible Workplace, you’ll receive the Free Range Authenticity Stamp to display on your website, social media sites, job ads and any other employer brand collateral.

"We have partnered with the team at Freerange Works for a number of years, initially as a full outsourced HR provider. Now they facilitate our leadership development programme and our People and Culture team taps into their expertise as-needed. It’s the ability to have the diversity and breadth of skills to hand that is so beneficial – the Freerange Works team comes highly recommended by us."

Mark Schiele, CEO – Oyster Property Group

"Excellent professional HR service, and delivered very good outcome that satisfies both our staff and business operation."

Cozy Tsui - Topland NZ

"The team at Freerange Works are just brilliant. The whole experience was very professional and positive through quite a challenging time for my business. They answered all my questions, explained in great detail the entire process and handled everything for me. I recommend them highly."

Lisa Travis - The Beauty Clinic

"I approached Freerange Works to find me an employee. They were very professional, efficient and easy to deal with. The candidates they selected were well chosen, ensuring that I was able to employ the most suitable employee. Freerange Works will make any employer's job easier and stress free. I have also rented a desk in the Freerenge Works shared office space and they have provided a very comfortable professional workspace for my employee."

Lindsay Hope - Hope & Associates


We’re changing the way work gets done. Are you with us?